Book Club Discussion Questions

1. Which story best reflects your most intimate cross-racial friendship? Why?

2. As you read this volume of stories what would you say are the 2-3 major themes that seem to resonate across these different narratives?

3. Do you think there have been times in your life when you were more receptive to forming cross-racial relationships? What characterizes those time periods for you? How did your relationship to your own racial identity inform your ability to form these friendships across race?

4. How does racial identity impact the way you express vulnerability in friendships?

5. What do the stories in Uncommon Bonds teach us about the way women in cross-racial friendships build a deep sense of abiding love and trust?

6. What does this collection of stories teach us about the way cross-racial relationships challenge and push us out of our comfort zones?

7. How has the history of racism in the U.S impacted the formation of authentic cross-racial friendships amongst women? Are there chapters in this book that illustrate the complexity and contradictions created by history?

8. In the introduction, the editors describe the way that cross- racial relationships sometime seem to just fade away without explanation over time. Why do these relationships fade? What makes it worth it to sustain these friendships?

9. How might friendships across race differ when we have some other shared social identity like religion or education? Do these social identities strengthen the bonds between women?

10. When conflicts occur in cross-racial friendships is race always a factor? How do you know? How do cross-racial friendships survive racial conflicts?

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