Race & Friendships


"Love, Race, & Liberation: 'Til the White Day is Done", Edited by JLOVE Calderon & Marcella Runell Hall

"RACE: The Power of an Illusion", PBS
This is a three part video series on race in society, science & history; The website also comes with background readings and additional resources

"Race and Social Connections-- Friends, Families & Neighborhoods", Pew Research Center

The Pew Research Center wrote a summary of their research on race and social connections amongst friends, families, and neighborhoods. It finds that despite our country becoming more racially and ethnically diverse

"Research on Cross-Race Relationships: An Annotated Bibliography", Greater Good Magazine

Greater Good Magazine compiles a summary of scientific evidence that addresses questions and topics related to cross race friendships and romantic relationships

"Why Interracial Friendships Are Rare Among Both Children & Adults", ThoughtCo.

Nadra Kareem Nittle discusses research on the rarity of interracial friendships amongst children and adults and provides suggestions for how to form cross race friendships.

"Want to be a True Friend to Women of Color? Here's What We Can Do.",

An ally to women of color (WOC) compiles pieces of advised by WOC and allies on what it means to be a true friend and ally for racial justice and anti-oppression

Personal Experiences

"The Importance of Friendship Diversity", The Cut

Ann Friedman speaks about her personal experiences in navigating diverse female friendships throughout her homogenous upbringing in the Midwest.

"The Politics of Being Friends with White People", salon
Brittney Cooper explores how nationwide statistics on interracial friendships reflects on the friendship segregation of her own life.

"Woman to Woman: The Joys of Female Friendships", The Washington Post

Macy Freeman tells her story, and others, that breaks down the stereotypes she grew up with about the difficulty of forming interracial female friendships and the impact they have on women.

"Best Friends Get Brutally Honest About Race", YouTube

Two best friends discuss in this video how race affects their daily experiences - to one another’s often shock and dismay.

"Why I Have White Friends", The Boston Globe

Deborah Plummer writes in the Boston Globe why she believes that today, more than ever before, interracial friendships are important in understanding current racial conflict.


"What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege", OnBeing

Lori Lakin explains the various experiences she has had in navigating white privilege and interracial friendships.



"The Importance of Friendship Diversity", The Cut

Ann Friedman speaks about her personal experiences in navigating diverse female friendships throughout her homogenous upbringing in the Midwest.

"25 Famous Women on Female Friendship", The Cut

25 famous women of all races, from Margaret Cho and J.K. Rowling to Mindy Kaling, speak about on the realities and complexities of female friendship.

"Do You Have Friends of Other Races?", Glamour Magazine

Glamour hosts a panel with famous authors and actresses about their honest assessments of their own and other interracial friendships

"Jessica Chastain Helped Octavia Spencer Get Paid 5 Times Her Salary", Complex

This article reports how Jessica Chastain, a famous white actress, help Octavia Spencer, an award winning black actress, in earning her fair wage for a movie Chastain was producing.

Additional Reading

"Swing Time" by Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith writes a book titled “Swing Time” that tells the story of two young girls whose different talents and dreams forces them to confront profound inequality.

"Lessons I Learned from Loving Beyond the Color Line in My Interracial Friendship", Beacon Broadside

Perpetua Charles explains lessons she learned about her interracial friendship and how that impacted her understanding of a new book by Sheryll Cashin, titled “Loving: Interracial Intimacy in America and the Threat to White Supremacy”

"A Note on Family Acceptance Involving Interracial Friendships and Romantic Relationships", Taylor Francis Online

John Millis explores the complex dynamics associated with interracial friendship and romantic relationships when families hove conflicting values.

"Some of My Best Friends: Writings on Interracial Friendships", Emily Bernard

“Some of My Best Friends: Writings on Interracial Friendships” is a collection of stories and reflections on interracial friendship

"It's a struggle but worth it: Identifying and managing identities in an interracial friendship", Taylor Francis Online

This qualitative study by two communications scholars details the intersection of their interracial relationship as both friends and researchers.


"Why and How to Encourage Cross-Racial Friendships Among Children", EmbraceRace

Professor Amber Williams speaks on this video about the importance and impact of encouraging cross-racial friendships amongst children. A transcript is also provided below.

"Lola's Rules for Friendship" by Jenny McCarthy, Kirkus Review

Jenny McCarthy’s book - called “Lola’s Rules for Friendship” explores the character Lola’s journey in using patience and intuition in developing relationships with diverse friends in her community.

18 Multicultural Books About Friendship,

This article includes a list of eighteen multicultural children’s books about friendship.

"Between Us Baxters" by Bethany Hegedus

Bethany Hegedus’s chapter book “Between us Baxters” tells the story of two young girls in 1959 and explores their unique friendship in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement.

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